1. ASSETS ALL RISKS - mainly for vast manufacturing or mining companies to cover buildings, stock, money, machinery, contents and goods in transit. Perils covered include fire, lightening, explosion, storm, flood, riots, strike etc.
2. FIRE AND RELATED RISKS - Similar to assets all risks policy for medium size corporate entities and other business organizations to cover buildings, stock in trade, plant and machinery, furniture and fittings.
3. BUSINESS INTERRUPTION - Aims to replace income/profits which would have been earned by acheter viagra the business f the interruption to the business had never happened by any peril covered under the fire policy. The ongoing costs and expenses which cannot be paid by the business are paid by the policy.
4. BURGLARY AND THEFT - We provide cover for loss or damage to property belonging to you or for which you are responsible caused by forcible and violent entry into or exit from the premises. Cover can be extended to include damage to any parts of the building during theft.
5. FIDELITY GURANTEE - We will cover you against theft of money by fraud or dishonest of your employees such as Accountants, Cashiers and Sales employees who work independently collecting their employees money and therefore subject to temptations to direct that money. This policy can be extended viagrasansordonnancefr.com to include limited stock.
6. MONEY - Our policy will cover you against loss of money for which you are responsible whilst kept at your premises, in transit or with your collections. Cover can extend to include damage to safes or strong room.
7. CONTRACTORS ALL RISKS - All reputable contractors when undertaking work of any size will do so, subject to a written contract. The contract will indicate specifications of works to be done, period of contract and any liability that the contractor ought to assume. We will cover your contract works against loss or damage by any named perils. Our Cover may extend to include plant and machinery on work site. Your liability for death or property damage to third parties while carrying out your project and death or injuries to your employees working for you.
Please let us know the value of your mobile and immobile plant equipment. Cover will be on comprehensive basis for loss or damage caused by any unforeseeable circumstance.

Our cover is usually offered in a MENU style allowing you to choose any one of the section relevant to you.
This could be :
(i)    Performance bond (for a guaranteed performance of the contract)
(ii)    Advance payment bond (to enable you obtain with money to purchase essential raw materials)
(iii)    Customs bond( for firms that have bonded warehouses)

This enables your business to legally compensate others who are injured or suffer loss or damage to their property in connection with your business.
Goldman Insurance Limited will pay compensation including all legal costs and expenses that you may incur in defending your actions. This may be in cases of your liability to:
(i)    Employees for injury, disease or death
(ii)    Members of the public ( Public liability)
(iii)    customers to whom you render professional services. We will provide you with professional indemnity cover for liability incurred by your mistake, error, omission or negligence while in the process of conducting your duties.
(iv)    Goods or products supplied, sold delivered, installed, erected , repaired altered or tested by you for your clients. Our cover will be in respect of products liability.
Business All Risks
Suitable for surveyors equipment and other portable items such as CCTV and other items that your employees may require to travel with whilst on business trips. The scope of cover is wider as it includes accidental loss or damage.

You need to indicate make/Type of items to be insured , serial number , year purchased and its value(s).
11. MARINE -  Are you involved in international trading. Are you an exporter or importer of goods to or from other countries. We will provide you with blanket cover from country of origin to its final destination here in Zambia. This policy will also cover your vessel or aircraft.
12. MOTOR TRADERS - We offer two different types of covers;
(1) External cover for loss or damage to customers vehicles whilst left with you for service, repair, storage or safe keeping. Cover includes road tests within 20km radius from your premises.                                                            

(2) Internal Cover for damage to own vehicles used for business operations and damage to vehicles held in trust, care, custody or control of you. This however does not cover you for vehicles held for sale,