1. Motor comprehensive
We will issue any vehicle and its accessories and spare parts owned by you against loss or damage by accident, fire, theft, and liability to members of the public for bodily injury death or property damage.
If you are the first registered owner of the vehicle and within 12 months if it is stolen or damaged and the assessed repairs exceed 60% of the correct retail value including VAT added, the maximum amount payable by us will be the correct purchase price of a new vehicle of the same or similar model or the limit of indemnity shown in the schedule, whichever is lower.

Other types of cover under our motor section of our insurance are:
(i)    Motor Full Third party fire and theft only (Excluding Accidents)
(ii)    Motor Full Third party only (liability to third parties for injuries, death or property damage cover only)


2. Householders (house content)
We will cover all your house contents and personal effects and other household equipment kept inside your residential house for loss or damage by theft, fire, water lightning or storm.

3. All Risks
Our All risks policy is an extension of householders policy to include loss or damage by accident, it is suitable for portable items but including itmes such as jewellery ,cameras,etc. You will need to tell us make/type of item to be insured, serial number and value.
Items that you normally move around with from time to time must be covered under our All Risks section of insurance.

4. House Owners (Residential House)
Our aim is to reinstate or repair your residential building if it is destroyed or partially damaged by fire, accident, impact from objects or trees falling, flood, storm and lightning.